Eko Nugroho is a figure inseparable from history of development of contemporary art in Indonesia. Eko Nugroho was born and grew up in Yogyakarta, a city rich in tradition, shaping him as an artist with capability to combine local element and popular art. In addition to that, each work that he creates is very critical highlighting social, economy and political dynamics in his surroundings. The characteristics of the works of Eko Nugroho are inspired by his working course dominated by street art, graffiti, and comic strip. The name of Eko Nugroho has been taken into account at global level when he participated in Lyon Biennale (2009), 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (2013), and collaborated with international brand fashion, Louis Vuitton (2013). For complete profile, please visit www.ekonugroho.or.id.

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